Observation Hive Setup

Jack Simpson | April 18th, 2014 | Beekeeping | Featured | Honey Bees | Popular | Research

hive entrance

I recently started my PhD at the Australian National University working in Sylvain Foret’s lab. We’re interested in trying to track the movement of honeybees within an observation hive we have setup. We’re using infrared lights and a grayscale camera to try and record the activity of the bees without disturbing them. Below is a […]

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Honours Project July Update

Jack Simpson | July 14th, 2013 | Popular | Research | Varroa

Colonies with 10 kb fragments from Varroa jacobsoni on Apis cerana

We had a few set-backs with amplifying the Varroa jacobsoni mitochondrial DNA and isolating the fragments which were of the correct size (we needed approximately a 10 kb and 6 kb fragment from a mite from each population in order to get the whole genome). However, once we were able to achieve this and digest […]

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Honours Project May Update

Jack Simpson | May 06th, 2013 | Popular | Research | Varroa

Varroa jacobsoni female

Since I completed the grant proposal for my project in March, I’ve spent a lot of time working with Dr. Bruce Halliday from the CSIRO. Throughout this time I’ve learned a lot about mite biology and slide mounting techniques. I’ve been mounting the mites on slides so that I can make a comparison between both […]

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