Honey bee brood and capped honey

Jack Simpson | April 01st, 2012 | Beekeeping | Honey Bees

Most beekeepers tend to set-up their beehives with a bottom box (referred to as the brood box) and a queen excluder above this which only allows workers up into the higher boxes. Finally, one or more boxes (called supers) will be placed above the excluder for the bees to store their honey. The advantage of this system is that it confines the queen to the bottom box so she cannot lay in the frames from which you will want to extract honey. I’ve included some pictures below which should be helpful for beginners trying to tell the difference between what is honey and what is brood (eggs and larvae) on the frames. The brood you can see in the pictures are future workers (which are female). I’ll write a post later on to describe the difference between worker, drone and queen larvae.

Frame of honey bee brood

Frame full of honey bee brood

Capped honeycomb

Frame full of capped honeycomb

Frame of honey and brood

Frame of honey and brood

  • rogueii

    Great pictures ! Really helps us beginners to recognize what is happening on the franes. Thank you.