Where to set up a beehive

Jack Simpson | November 09th, 2012 | Beekeeping

The decision of where to place your beehives largely depends on what the climate and geography of the location is like. However, here are some general tips which can be applied to most locations although I have not bothered with ones that come down to common sense such as avoiding areas that are prone to flooding.

  • Ensure the hive has some shelter (like a tree) for the hottest periods of the day
  • Make sure the shelter does not block the morning sun
  • Aim the entrance in the general direction of the sunrise
  • If you live in a residential area and have the entrance directed into a neighbours backyard, you could erect a board to ensure they fly upwards and over the property
  • Make sure you can easily access the hives
  • Water should be within a few hundred metres of the colony at least, especially if you don’t want them to collect it from your pool
  • Set up the hive so that the base is on a slight slope allowing any water that gets in to run out the entrance
  • If you’re on a large property it may be worth keeping a note of where you have placed the hives so they can be found if something happened to you

Please note that this list is not set in stone and I’m sure other beekeepers have a variety of opinions.